Katie's Moose

You can look inside the covers and more of the book. It is a good Itchy Coo book because it is fun to read. You can lift the flaps and see the beasties that are hidden.

Matthew, P4

It has flap up pictures and a coo, bear, moose, craw, pig and dug. It is funny at the end because they are all sleeping in the same bed and she has to sleep with six beasties.

Magnus Borthwick, P4

You see a coo daein the loo reading the newspaper in the toilet it is really funny. There is a moose, a craw, a dug and a bear. At the end it is happy because all the animals and Katie are fast asleep in bed.

Adam, P4
Katie's Ferm

My favourite Itchy Coo book is Katie’s Ferm. I like Katie’s Ferm because Katie asks coo, pig, cuddy, Mollie, Mike, bees and goose where Tam is and then Granda is playing hide and seek with Tam.

Aaron Laurie, P4

I like Katie’s Ferm because when I say it, it maks my tung tickle.

Mikey Bulluck, P4

Katie's Year

My favourite Itchy Coo book is Katie’s Year because it has the months of the year and has beasties.

Kyle Neary, P4

A Wee Book o Fairy Tales in Scots

My favourite Itchy Coo book is the Wee Book o Fairy Tales. My favourite fairy tale is Cinderella because it is much, much better that the one in English because there are lots of interesting words. I also like it because it has a blithe ending.

Karin Borg-Grech, P4

Bampots and Heroes

When I read Hercules in Scots it makes me believe more in the story than when I read it in English so Scots makes it more magical. I think it is the best book Itchy Coo has ever published.

Sophie Laird Gilbert, P4

I like the end because there is a muckle monster and it has lots heids! The monster is muckle and frichtsome.

James Morrison, P4
Blethertoun Braes

I like Blethertoun Braes because the pictures inspire me with confidence and laughter especially the picture of a lady reading a bible with a big blue hat on and workmen passing bricks to each other and their big bahookies!

Jessica Smart, P4

My favourite Itchy Coo poem is Dino’s Café in Blethertoun Braes. The man is running round and round the café. It is very funny and get very hungry when I read it. I really wish I was Dino running the café. The poem is really good because it really gets my head thinking sometimes. I would like to see more Dino’s café poems.

Taylor, P4
Georgie's Mingin Medicine

My favourite Itchy Coo is Geordies Mingin Medicine. I like it because it’s funny and mingin.

Aaron Naweed, P4

The Sleekit Mr Tod

My favourite Itchy Coo book is The Sleekit Mr Tod because the Scots words sound funny and they are very different from the usual words. The three fermers are really funny and I like their names Boggin, Boonce an Beek. I like Mr Tod the most because he is so sleekit.

Chiara, P4

I like The Sleekit Mr Tod because it is really very good in Scots. I like how they say fermers instead o farmers and I like how Mr Tod maks sure the wind is blowing in his face and smells oot the fermers.

Zoe, P4

My favourite Itchy Coo book was Sweetieraptors. I like it because the book has lots of funny words in it. All of the words in it make me laugh. My favourite Dinos were baby Skirlodon and Jaggysaur and doing pirouettes.

Olivia, P4

A Shooglypod quivers and a Wheechosaurus wins a rinning race. And I like it because the baby Skirlodon blethers like the bagpipes.

Callum Deal, P4

Precious and the Puggies

First of all I thought the illustrations were fantastic and the front cover was so bright and full of African colours. I loved the wee puggy up in the tree.

At first I thought it was going to be difficult to read the book in Scots, but then I realised that I knew most of the words already. We all say words like muckle, wee, braw and crabbit everyday in our house. If I got stuck on a word, I could quickly look it up at the back of the book.

I loved the story of Precious and the Puggies. My favourite part of the story was the description of Muckle Maw Molipi and No Sae Muckle Maw Molipi because it really made me laugh and the pictures made it even funnier.

I felt sorry for Poloko. Behaving like that would be called bullying in our school.

I think Precious sounds very clever and loves listening to stories - just like me! I loved reading this book but loved to hear it being read most of all. The words sounded just like my Grandma talking.

I think all boys and girls around my age would love reading this book.

Elliot Glynn
age 10

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