The Itchy Coo
Book o Hans Christian Andersen's Fairy Tales in Scots

Martin Waddell
Illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark
Edited by James Robertson & Matthew Fitt

Introduction by Julia Donaldson

Welcome to the wonderful fairytale world of Hans Christian Andersen . . . retold for today's children in Scots for the very first time. This classic collection brings together nine favourite stories, from the fun and humour of the proud Emperor with his splendid new clothes, to the gentle sadness of the Little Mermaid. With a colourful cast of witches, princesses, toys and animals, this rich and varied collection is guaranteed to delight and entertain readers young and old.

Nine of Hans Christian Andersen's favourite fairy tales are featured in this book, now retold in Scots for the first time by a host of well known Scottish writers.

The Princess and the Pea TRANSLATIT BY ELAINE C. SMITH
The Ugly Deukie (The Ugly Duckling) TRANSLATIT BY SHANE STRACHAN

The Tindel-Box (The Tinderbox) TRANSLATIT BY THOMAS CLARK
The Wee Match Lassie (The Little Match Girl) TRANSLATIT BY JAMES ROBERTSON
The High Heid Yin's New Claes (The Emperor's New Clothes) TRANSLATIT BY VAL McDERMID
The Tin Sodger (The Tin Soldier) TRANSLATIT BY MATTHEW FITT
The Princess and the Grumphieman (The Swineherd) TRANSLATIT BY SUSI BRIGGS
The Nichtingale (The Nightingale) TRANSLATIT BY ASHLEY DOUGLAS
The Wee Sea Quine (The Little Mermaid) TRANSLATIT BY SHEENA BLACKHALL

Here some o the translators read fae The Itchy Coo Book o Hans Chrinstian Andersen's Fairy Tales in Scots