Katie's Coo
Scots Rhymes for Wee Folk

Matthew Fitt & James Roberson
Illustrated by Karen Sutherland

Celebrating their 20th anniversary, Itchy Coo's first board book for babies and toddlers has proven itself as a family favourite. With colourful characters and classics like 'Wee Willie Winky' and 'Ally Bally Bee', it's perfect for sharing Scot's tradition and humour with your little one.

Katie's Coo is a collection of eight of Scotland's best loved rhymes and songs. Little ones can sing or chant along with their parents, aunties, uncles, sisters, brothers and grandparents to 'Wee Willie Winky', 'Ally Bally Bee' and more, whilst enjoying the bright colours and friendly farm animals along the w ay.

Illustrated by award-winning artist Karen Sutherland and developed alongside the Scottish Book Trust and Craigmillar Books for Babies, it's a fantastic introduction to Scots language, humour and rhythm.


 Katie's A tae Z
A Scots Alphabet for Wee Folk

Written & illustrated by Karen Sutherland   

KATIE'S A tae Z is the eighth in the KATIE series, following the bestselling success of KATIE'S COO, KATIE'S MOOSE, KATIE'S FERM, KATIE'S BEASTIES, KATIE'S YEAR, KATIE'S ZOO and KATIE'S PAIRTY.

This book is aimed at very young children and is the simplest and easiest introduction to Scots words with Karen Sutherland's cheerful and engaging pictures to go with them.

On each of the thirteen spreads KATIE introduces two things or animals: one word and one image for each. For example, A is AIPPLE, D is DUG, M is MOOSE, P is PUDDOCK. KATIE'S A tae Z should prove a brilliant introduction to all the other KATIE books


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