Up tae the Oxters
Diary of Wimpy Kid: The Deep End in Scots
Jeff Kinney
Translated by Thomas Clark


When Greg Heffley and his faimily shoot the craw and heid aff on a cross-country campin trip, they're ready tae gie it absolute laldy. But their jaikets are on a shoogly peg wance they end up stranded at a caravan pairk that's mair 'skiddin in the midden' than 'roamin in the gloamin'.

It looks like the gemme's a bogey for the Heffleys when the rain comes bucketin doon and the watter stairts tae rise, leavin them tae wunner if they can still save their holiday - or if they're awready in it up tae the oxters.


 Look, jist cause ma faimily arenae that bad disnae mean I want tae spend twinty-fower oors a day wi them, seeven days a week. But thon’s EXACTLY how it’s been this past wee while-o.

It’s no jist me that’s gettin fed-up wi it, either. We’re AW at the end o oor tether, and if it disna chynge soon, we’ll be in it up tae oor oxters.

 Ma Maw says we’ve been stuck in the hoose ower lang, and we need a wee break. But whit we really need is a break fr
ae each ITHER.

But there’s hee-haw chance o that happenin, cause we’re absolutely SKINTO.  And the reason for that’s kind o a lang story.


Rodick the Radge
Diary of Wimpy Kid: Rodick Rules in Scots
Jeff Kinney
Translated by Thomas Clark

Mind how I said that if some bam seen me cairtin aboot a book wi "diary" on the front, they were gonnae get the wrang idea? Weel, nae prizes for guessin whit happened the day. Noo Rodrick kens I'm daein anither journal, I'd better mind and keep this yin stowed awa.

Rodrick managed tae get his hauns on ma LAST journal... But dinnae get me stairtit on aw THAT again. Even when Rodrick wisnae stirrin it, ma summer wis a pure scunner. Sae if ye're wantin tae ken whit I got up tae durin the summer holidays, jist dinnae ask. I'm no in the mood.


Ma Maw’s been hustlin me and Rodrick intae daeinmair tae help aboot the hoose, and the twa o us hiv been stuck wi washin the dishes every nicht. We’re no alloued tae watch the telly or play ony video gemmes until every last plate is spotless. And see Rodrick? When it comes tae dichti dishes, he’s the WARST hauners ye’ve ever seen.

Ye’re hardly feenisht denner afore Rodrick bolts tae the lavvy for an oor. Then, by the time he daunders back doonstairs, ye’re awready done.

But onytime I clype on him tae ma Maw and Da, he aye comes oot wi the same auld havers:

I dout ma Maw and Da are ower fashed wi ma wee brither, Manny, tae get dragged intae a rammy atween me and Rodrick the noo, onywey.

Diary of Wimpy Kid in Scots
Jeff Kinney
Translated by Thomas Clark

Scots writer Thomas Clark has transformed Jeff Kinney’s Wimpy Kid into a Wimpy Wean. In Thomas’s translation, twelve year old hero Greg Heffley tells us all about his life in gallus modern easy to read Scots.

A great book in any language, Diary o a Wimpy Wean is packed with laughter, gags, disasters, daydreams and plenty to keep young readers hooked until the very end.

Bein a wean can be pure bowfin. And naebody kens that better than Greg Heffley, wha finds himsel huckled intae the big schuil, whaur peely-wally nyaffs share the corridors wi bairns that are mair muckle, mair mental, and awready shavin. In Diary o a Wimpy Wean, author and illustrator Jeff Kinney introduces us tae an unlikely hero. As Greg says in his diary:


Richt, afore ye say onythin: this is a
JOURNAL, aye? No a diary. I ken fine whit
it says on the front. But when ma Maw went
doon the shops I SPECIALLY telt her tae
get yin that didnae say “diary” on it.

Braw. Aw I need is for some bam tae spy me
cairtin this book aboot and get the wrang idea.

The ither thing I want tae get oot the road is
that this wis ma MAW’s idea, no mine.
But she’s no richt if she thinks I’m gonnae be

writin aboot ma “feelins” or ony o that. Sae if
ye’re waitin me giein it aw “Dear Diary” this and
“Dear Diary” that, ye can awa and

The anely reason I’m gaun alang wi this at aw
is that, wan day, when I’m pure mintit and

famous, I’ll hiv better things tae dae than
staun aboot answerin fowk’s stupit questions aw

day lang. Sae this book is gonnae be wirth its
wecht in gowd.

Nae nae kiddin, I’ll be famous yin day. But
for noo I’m stuck in high schuil wi this bunch o

Jeff Kinney meets his Scots translator, Thomas Clark